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People always ask me how I got into photography, and here’s the full story. Ever since I was a child, I always had a camera in my hand. I have books and bins full of photos that I took (most of which were total nonsense) through out my entire life. Yes, I do love taking pictures and finding beautiful places, things, and people to incorporate with that. But more so, above all, I have this extreme need to capture moments in time and accurately and deeply tell the story so it is possible to relive it. It’s hard to explain in words, but it’s just something that is so deep within me. People from my childhood and high school years now say to me, “we should have all guessed that photography would be your profession and career”. No joke. I have every pep rally, prom, vacation, late night talks with friends…you name it…on video and photos.

As far as schooling, I did take photography for fun in college (of course I did!). Those were film days so I spent those years living in a dark room. It was there that I learned the technical part of how a camera operates, lighting, developing, etc. Even then, it was just a hobby. For an end of semester project we had to shoot a mock wedding. Only about two of my photos actually turned out decent enough to print (due to a broken light meter in the camera!). I love looking back on that. It just makes me laugh. Oh the irony of life. I failed a wedding photography project in college…and now I’m a wedding photographer.

So to bring it to the present, in my early 20’s I was majoring in accounting when I started working for a photography company. I began second shooting, editing, yada yada, and eventually ventured out on my own. And here we are! So not only do I have the love for photography, but I have the education of running a business from my major which has really helped me be as well rounded as possible as a business owner. And PS I never finished my accounting schooling. I’m a dropout…and loving every minute of it.

That’s my history of photography, but now let me discuss with you weddings. How can I even describe my love for wedding days!?! Weddings to me are so sacred and tender. I live for the moment of the doors opening and getting to photograph a groom looking at his beautiful bride as he fights back all his manly emotions not to cry. For me at that moment, all of the world stops and heaven meets earth. And then to watch two people say vows to each other committing for a lifetime...what can be more precious than that? Outside of the emotional stuff that I love on your wedding day, I am certain in saying that you will not find someone else willing to go so above and beyond for you on your day. To me it’s a personal responsibility to make sure you have the best day possible. Any review you will ever find about me will be certain to say that. It’s what I strive for, and I believe it’s why I stay booked to capacity.

Okay so I think I’ve written enough about me and my history and thoughts…far more than what anyone would ever want to know. =) I would love to sit and talk with you more about your own wedding day plans. It would be a pure honor to be the photographer chosen to walk with you through your own wedding day. I would love nothing more than to help tell your beautiful love story.